Everything you know about us


Company Bestmann Auto OÜ is based in 2006
The basic profile of work is search, purchase and delivery any vehicles from Europe and beyond, by individual orders. Search performs from European automotive auctions, where accesses open only for professional car dealers. There are wide variety high-quality second-hand and new passenger cars, vans, light trucks, semi cargos, lorries, motorcycles, scooters and boats, that comes from fleet owners, car rental companies and leasing agencies
All the second-hand vehicles have been independently inspected, have detailed descriptions and damage reports – you always know what you order.

There are auctions, which daily offers about 2000 vehicles from Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Spain and rarely from the Balkan region and Poland.

90 % of auctioned vehicles are VAT deductible in European Union (ex-company cars: demo-, rental-, ex-leasing), which gives opportunity to return VAT, if purchase come as a company car. The remained 10 % of auctioned vehicles comes from private sellers (mostly luxury cars and sport cars). Usually auctioned vehicles are 0-5 years old and have original guarantee. Most of vehicles were serviced during the term of operation from official representations and have a service book with full history. The majority offers are diesel cars.

Our quality assurance
 Basically, our assortment represents cars with ended term of the contract, and they are in a good condition. You can learn specifications and the description of each car. Independent experts also give the detailed report on damages on each car, and also a number of photos inside and appearance of a motor vehicle. It means that you always make the decision based on the exact information.

Why Bestmann Auto?

We co-operate with the basic leasing companies and manufacturers of cars to offer our potential clients the best second-hand cars, and also the best service. Our clients are served individually on the native language. We can help you in 3 languages.

The basic plan

Basic plan of Bestmann Auto team – on-possibility to support as much as possible close interaction between buyers and sellers. The economy on “intermediary” is favorable as for buyers (owing to lower purchase price), and for sellers (higher price of sale). It allows both parties of the transaction to reach decent, attractive profit, which, in turn, leads to satisfaction of clients. Working in this direction, we can build cooperation with our clients as we can offer side benefits in long-term prospect, operating ‘in stimulating image’ or as the intermediary in this process. For maintenance of a smooth current of the given process we are limited to work only with professional car dealers or sellers of cars.

Statement of problems

By means of purchases from Internet auctions Bestmann Auto offers unique assortment of qualitative second-hand cars under the excellent prices, doing process of purchase of cars simple and reliable.

Our benefit = to your benefit

Bestmann Auto will satisfy you or your business. Here some reasons, why:
• the Internet auction of cars passes 24 hours per day: simply and reliably
• the Big assortment of modern second-hand cars, from Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Germany: rolling cars, the demonstration, not sold cars, luxury- and sport cars, vans and lorries
• Vehicles of the first-rate quality with the confirmed source of an origin
• the Exclusive prices
• the Independent expert appraisal with the detailed report on damages on each car, and also a number of photos internal and appearance of a motor vehicle
• Exclusive direct sales from the automobile dealer, only through the Bestmann Auto

Get acquainted with our command

Bestmann Auto is a young and dynamical company. Our command always provides you with the best choice of second-hand vehicles at auction, and also guarantees to you reception of the best client service. Each transaction is accompanied by the personal control, from the moment of registration and exhibiting of the account before documenting and transportation of vehicles. We can help our clients in following languages: in the Estonian, Russian and English.

How Bestmann Auto works?

Bestmann Auto participates in several auctions daily, where offered about 2 000 second-hand vehicles. Depending on your preferences, you can receive cars from Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, and Spain. Rarely from the Balkan region and Poland.