How does bestmannauto work?



Bestmann Auto

participates in several auctions daily, in each of which participate about hundred second-hand vehicles. Depending on your preferences, you can receive cars from Belgium, France, Germany, Spain or Italy. Setting concrete criteria of selection, for example, mark, car type, year of release, run or others, you receive авто selected on your requirements.


Source of an origin and a Variety

The second-hand cars offered at closed auctions, arrive from a number of the European countries and, basically, from the leasing companies. And as the structure of the leasing market differs from the country to the country, our assortment also is extremely various. Nevertheless, there is one important property on which you can always rely: outstanding quality. All vehicles pass careful check of the independent expert, even cars with the expired term of the contract from the leasing companies which by definition were served well. This huge choice, allows you to find quickly the car which you searched.



Concept of Bestmann Auto, with its Multilanguage service of the client (3 various languages), economy on “intermediary”, communication with group of auctions-was validly is innovative. Our website is a showroom in a mode online and provides you with virtual possibility of search of the best second-hand cars. The expert in advance carefully checks all cars. And our international experience helps to give to your advice and the recommendation how as much as possible to satisfy your requirements for car search.



 Bestmann Auto will organise transportation of all vehicles sold from Belgium, France, Spain, Italy or Germany (physical sites of each vehicle it is underlined during auction). Cost of transportation and the organization of transportation of the car always cover Bestmann Auto. As soon as all sums are paid, we receive the notice with time and place instructions where it will be possible to take away a vehicle.